Wednesday, April 22, 2020

National Administrative Professional's DAY..... It's PAM's Day!

School Office Coordinator Extraordinaire! 

It's your day 
and we, at Hope School, wish you the best day ever!  We wish we were together to celebrate your day with you! 

Celebrating Together, Separately!  

That's the spirit Pam! 

Dr. Seuss Family Fun Night.... the loyal greeters!

These are just a few of things Pam hears each day!

Good Morning Pam!
Thank you, Pam.
Pam, can you help me with...."
Pam, the copier isn't working very well. 
Pam, there is a red light on the copying machine.
Pam, can I have a cheese stick? 
Pam, can I have a band-aid?
Pam, my band-aid fell off, can I have another one?
I don't know why I was sent to the office! 
Pam, I just need a break.  Can I rest? 
Pam, can I borrow some gloves?
Pam, can I borrow a coat?
Hey Pam, I need some gloves... not those, I want the other ones. Please Pam.
Pam,  I know you put this information was in the bulletin but can you give me the info again?
Pam, I lost my field trip form.  Can I get another one?
Pam, can I stay in the office, I don't want to go outside.
Pam, I forgot my lunch.  Can I call my mom? 
Pam, can you get a note to my kids? 
Pam....... Pam..... Pam.....
And, about a million other things too!

Of course we all say, PLEASE and THANK YOU. 

You're the Best, Pam!  

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