Tuesday, April 21, 2020

We Got This 5K Challenge 

The LPOSD elementary P.E. teachers are challenging students to plan their
own 5k race.All 7 elementary schools in the district are participating!
We are all in this unusual time together so here’s a chance to participate in
a community unifying event. Students that complete this challenge will
earn a race T-shirt. 
Mapping your own 5K course (3.1 miles) 
Monday, April 20th - Monday, May 4th

Step 1: Find a safe place to run or walk to complete the 5k. 
Safe, meaning two things: first we need to keep social distancing practices
in place, second, it needs to be safe from outside forces such as wildlife,
cars, or difficulty of terrain. If you have a treadmill, you can use that too.
Your parents must approve of your course.

Step 2: Map your course!  
Make a map of your own race course - it can be printed or hand drawn and
it needs a description of where it is located. If it is hand drawn, you can
submit a picture of it. There are several online apps that can be used,
“Mapmyrun” is a favorite. You can use whatever app, device, or running
watch you are comfortable with. If that is not available even using the car's
odometer will work. Remember, 5k equals 3.1 miles.   

Step 3: Email it to your P.E. teacher - jacob.peterson@lposd.org
If you do not have the internet, please return it at the next packet pickup. 
Students have until Monday, May 4th to submit their race course to
Mr Peterson.  

Run The Race 
Monday, May 4th - Monday May 18th

Step 1: Run or walk the race you have mapped out!

Step 2: Email your results (race time) along with your t-shirt size to
Mr. Peterson. Students have until Monday, May 18th to submit their
race results.

Wait for Your T-shirts.  
Tuesday, May 19th - Monday, June 1st

These are all tentative dates except when the challenge starts. We will do
our best to stick to them, but as you all know things can change and we
will need to adjust. If you map a course and run the race, submitting the
course and results on time, you will get a T-shirt. 

“We Got This” so get out and run!

LPOSD Elementary P.E. Crew

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