Friday, December 22, 2017

Kindergarteners Too!

Featured here are the Kindergarten students with the same Snowman task as the 4-6 grade students. 

Fun In Mr. Peterson's PE Class!

In Mr. Peterson's PE class today students had to work as teams to develop a snowman out of the items they were given. They had to communicate with one another and then tell a story about their snowman. The students selected a spokesperson but they had to come up with the story all together. Pictured here is Mrs. Majors' Homeroom students.  

Friday, December 15, 2017

Hope Memorial Community Food Drive

Hope School Students K-6 participated in the Hope Memorial Community Center Food Drive.  The Advanced Math students in 6th grade coordinated the food drive with Mrs. Kiebert.  They collected, counted and calculated per capita each day. They then graphed the results so every one could see the progress. First place Mrs. Major's homeroom per capita was 18.9 and second place Mrs. Reichart's 2/3 class was 14.6.  

The students pictured here then had the privilege and responsibility to organize and deliver the goods to MCC. The center's Christmas Giving Program supports families in the Hope and Clark Fork areas.  Thank you to all that participated and made this happen.  Your generosity is amazing! 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Walk On The Wild Side

Families came to Hope School to take a "Walk on the Wildside" with several Outdoor Education activities and dinner.  Two hours of  fun and learning filled up Thursday night.  There were 16 different exhibits, hands-on activities, presentations - including fly tying, ice fishing, wildlife pelts, paracord items, learning about what plants you can eat in the forest this time of year and creative crafts like bird seed pinecones, mobiles with feathers, beads and twigs - just to name a few.  Our families nourished their bellies with chili or chicken soup and filled their brains with new learning.  

Many thanks to all our community folks who volunteered to present, help set up or help put things away.  We couldn't do it without you!!! 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Tracking Operation Wampus Cat!

Cindy Kiebert, Librarian, is showing the first grade class the route the school supplies took from Clark Fork all the way to their destination in Texas. Congrats to Hope Elementary students for helping to collect the school supplies. 
Good job Wildcats!
(For more information, go here.)

Thursday, December 7, 2017

School-Wide Affirmation: Video

All together each day we (staff and students) say the Hope School-wide Affirmation at the beginning of the day. Below is a video of the Kindergarten students saying the affirmation. 

 School-wide Affirmation

I am here to do extraordinary things!  
I am a mighty thinker and a fierce learner.

We, at Hope School, are kind and make a positive difference.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Kindness Wednesday

Here is a picture of our Hope School students that wore PINK for Kindness Wednesday! Every Wednesday we wear PINK to remind everyone to be KIND. 

Staff members being "twins" on Kindness Wednesday!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Following In Her Mother's Footsteps

High School student, Grace Shelton, teaches two 5th graders about some important vocabulary ~ just another Shelton in teaching mode! 

Future CFHS Basketball Star!

Recess... From First Grade at Hope to Future CFHS Basketball Player.  

More School Pride Friday!

First graders learned about a LIFE-size gingerbread house in Texas in the library today. It just happen to be on the same day that two students wore their Ninja Gingerbread shirts - in GREEN! 
More School Pride Friday

Sharing With Lakeland Elementary Teachers

Teachers from Betty Kiefer Elementary School in the Lakeland School District visited Hope School today ​​to learn about Student-Led Conferences and student goal setting.  

Sixth grade students, Eloise Shelton and Trinity Swales, conferenced with the visiting teachers to share what it looks like from the student perspective.  Our students are teaching teachers! 
Way to go Wildcats! 


School Pride Friday!

School Pride Fridays - Students wore their Green and White to show their pride in being a Hope School Wildcat!  

Go Wildcats!

Snow STEM Family Engagement Fun Packet

Hi Wildcat Families,   If you haven’t completed some or all of the SNOW-STEM Family fun activities yet, you still have time to get them fini...