Friday, April 20, 2018

Fantastic Friday at Hope School

Today was a fantastic day with many, many activities:

  • At little fun in the sun for grades K-3... planting flowers and veggies from seed and cleaning up the playground. 
  • Chess 
    • In the morning hours, K-3 learned how to play chess from a guest teacher.  
    • In the afternoon, 4-6 grade students were divided into two groups. 
      • Those who knew how to play already were guided through various strategies and moves.
      • Those who didn't already know how to play, learned. 
    • After instruction both groups engaged in playing chess.  
  • The day ended with 3rd Quarter Awards Assembly.  
    • Leadership awards were earned and presented 
    • 1st grader Harper earned her "dog house" for her puppy - she read 300 books! 
    • Math Olympiad 5th grade Team "2 Cool 2 B ^2" and 6th grade "The Mathletes" 

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