Tuesday, April 28, 2020

A Request from HOPE PIE - Partners in Education

Hope PIE - Partners in Education 
~not your average PTO
Hope PIE

Please see below for the request from HOPE PIE - Partners in Education.  
Hope's version of PTO... However, PIE is NOT your average PTO.  

Dear Families....

Next week Monday, May 4th to Friday, May 8th is Teacher Appreciation Week.   

Now more than ever Hope Partners In Education (PIE) appreciates our 
teachers and all Hope School staff.  

PIE is asking for help from families to show our teachers and staff 
some love and appreciation by taking pictures or making videos 
from students to their teachers and Hope School staff 
showing their appreciation for all they do?  

These could be students reading a note or letter they've written to their teacher about their favorite thing at school, what they miss, or are looking forward to, 
or poster, a note with chalk on the sidewalk.... 

Completed items
 can be emailed to heather.howard@lposd.org or Hopepie255@gmail.com 
by Monday, May 4th. 

Hope PIE dedicates the "Appreciation" to all Hope School staff because all are partners 
in your child or children's education.   
Thank you.   HOPE PIE President, Heather Howard 

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