Friday, May 8, 2020

Letter to our Wildcat Families on May 7th...


May 7, 2020 

Dear Hope School Families, 

I am writing to you today regarding the LPOSD school board decision to continue Distance Learning through the end of this school year.   My logical mind believed this result was only a matter of time; however, my hopeful heart wished for all of us to come back to school and close out the year together.  I want to share my gratitude to you - our families - for everything you have done to make the best of our collective situation.  Your grace and patience in figuring it all out on the fly with us is admirable.  Allowing us - from a distance - into your homes on a regular basis with Learning Packets, phone calls, emails and/or zoom class meetings from your child/children's teachers is greatly appreciated by all of us.  

Before we jump to next steps and end of the year plans, I do want to say that WE - you, your children, Hope School teachers and staff - need to pause for a moment and feel disappointed and/or sad for the way our school year was drastically changed, for the things we were looking forward to learning and doing.  I think it’s important to acknowledge those feelings - to grieve our loss.    

After this pause…. Please know that we, at Hope School along with Hope Partners in Education (PIE), are jumping into our creative idea phase to make plans for the end of the school year.  It will be the best VIRTUAL ending possible.  More details will be coming soon.  

I feel incredibly blessed to be the principal of Hope Elementary School, where our families and school staff members work together to ensure the well-being and education of all the children in our school community.   

With Gratitude, 

Sherri Hatley 
Principal/Title I Teacher

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