Thursday, February 13, 2020

Science with Fourth and Fifth Grade....

Friday's Science concept in Fourth and Fifth grade with Mrs. Spencer was all about Force and Reaction and how energy and building simple machines use force and reaction. 

The students designed simple machines on Monday with design ideas and sketches.  Then on Friday they had to implement their design.  Modifications were made to some of the original designs as students realized some concepts were not realistic.  Many also realized that communication skills were extremely important in working with their partners.   A few teams spent too much time in the design phase, so they were not able to test their design completely - great learning! 

The students were given cups, paper clips, a ruler and paper supplies. 

What a great science lesson along with additional life long lessons in last week's Science focus!

Team Work: Buddy and Jesse's prototype  - Worked! 
Here they are showing the rest of the students how theirs worked.  

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