Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Cross Country Skiing on Tuesday, January 14th during PE with Mr. Peterson

With a TON of new, fluffy snow it was a great day to be outside with cross country (xc) skis.  The students had a great time....

A few of the older students are selected to help with the younger kids so they get a little more guidance and attention - plus, the big kids LOVE it. The littles sometimes need a lift up off the ground or help getting untangled from their skis and poles.  Kindergarten is the only group that doesn't xc ski, but they still bundle up and head outside for some activities in the snow for PE.

We have some snow clothes that kids can borrow when they don't have or forget to bring their snow gear to school.   Pam keeps the snow clothes cycling between washer, dryer and "kid use" all winter long.   It's always best if they have their own snow clothes, but if they don't, they still get to join in all the fun and exercise. 

Hi!  Let's go skiing! 

Directing the 'littles' to the ski area.

Snow and more snow.... Love it! 

Who me? 

Darn, it's time to go in. 

Practicing my cool moves! 

Best Snow Day Ever! 

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