Monday, November 4, 2019

Halloween Parade Wildcat Style


 is a super fun time for kids and families to show their creativity and interests.  

Following are some adorable pictures of our students painting pumpkins and wearing their costumes.   There are a LOT of pictures here... keep scrolling! 

Pumpkin Painting in Mrs. Majors Class.  

Mrs. Petersen's 1/2 Multi-Age Class

Santa Claus is a little early this year. 

Halloween Dance Party to the "Monster Mash" 

Twister... I see a horse, a tractor, car...

I think she means business! 


Isn't that just the coolest!  Transformers.... 

A very scary Tooth Fairy! 

Future Law Enforcement.

Hickory, Dickory, Dock the Mouse Ran up the Clock!  

Optimus Prime... Winning!  

More Pumpkin Painting.... Mrs. Spencer's class this time.

Kindness Ninjas Mrs. Petersen and Mrs. Tuttle

Twister - Kane Van Stone

Costume Winners - left to right: Smarty Pants (Jacob Fluckiger), Mouse Nursery Rhyme (Colter Noble), Donut Eating Policeman (Payton Stevens), Scary Tooth Fairy (Madison Van Stone), on the floor Optimus Prime (Warren Brady)

Two costume winners and Mrs. Hatley as a Kindness Ninja

Spider Hats made and worn by the Kindergarten Kids

Time to get the eyes checked.... I'm seeing double! 

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