Friday, June 7, 2019

Last Day of School.... some of the events captured here.

Here are some snippets from the Awards Assembly

 WOW Awards ~ Wildly Outstanding Work....
Each Classroom,  PE and Music teacher selects one person per grade level that just
 "WOWed" them with their Wildly Outstanding Work 
Mrs. Shelton and ElleAna 

Mrs. Harrison and Ynesha

Mrs. Tuttle and Kiylah

Mrs. Tuttle and Azelynn

Mrs. Spencer and Jesse Y.

Mrs. Majors and Payton 

Mrs. Majors, Mrs. Spencer and Lizzy

Mr. Peterson and Ava 
Mrs. Hatley (standing in for Mrs. Douglas) and Liam 
Four Future Presidents, oh, I mean the four recipients of the Presidential Academic Award.

16 Students who earned at LEAST 100 AR points - Jamie had exactly 500 points
and she just happened to be the big AR winner! 

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