Thursday, January 10, 2019

#GeoSplash Summer Math Camp

#GeoSplash Math Camp
July 2018
Here are some pictures for the summer math camp at Hope School. 

2D and 3-D Shapes - students made bubble wands to explore what happens to the bubble when you have different types of geometric shapes.... What do you think? 

The Bubble Crew! 

Making Kites.... Will they fly?  Will some fly "better" than others? 

Mrs. Majors leading the Math Camp 'Song'.... I don't know what I've been told.  Math Camp is so Big and Bold

All our Math "Campers" 

Exploring Shapes with String

Testing the Tetrahedron Kites - They were SO COOL! 

Up Close with Austin

The supplies for Bubble Wands

Emmitt tests one of his theories 

Math Campers at the end of Math Camp - We had so much fun learning and playing with many aspects for Geometry.

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