Friday, June 18, 2021

Accelerated Reader 100 Point Drawing

 At the end of each school year we hold the 100 point AR (Accelerated Reader) Drawing.... Students who earn 100 points or more in AR are entered into a drawing for a crisp $100 dollar bill and 5 other drawing winners get a $20 dollar bill for a total of $200.   Hope PIE (Partners in Education) sponsors this drawing with one additional private donor.    We added an extra $20 so all our 100 point earners won some cash! 

If a student earns 500 points then he/she is entered into the drawing 5 times... and so on! 

This year 7 students worked to earn a ticket or two .... or five into the drawing.  

The big winner of $100 dollars was sixth grader Jacob F.  

And the following students each received $20.00 for their 100 points or more  AR Points:

Adalynn - 6th grader

Anthony - 6th grader

Bailey - 6th grader

Nora Jean - 6th grader

Sophia - 5th grader

Hannah - 4th grader 

Congratulations All. 

We are looking forward to more 100 point earner for the 21-22 School Year!!! 

Thursday, June 17, 2021

The LAST Day - First, Second and Third Grade Awards

Here are the First, Second and Third Graders

AWARDS! Yahoo! 

Look out Third Graders you are moving to the other end of the school to FOURTH Grade! 

Third Grade WOW - Wildy Outstanding Wildcat 
Awarded by Mrs. Tuttle and Mrs. Petersen

Third Grade Leadership

Second Grade WOW- Wildly Outstanding Wildcat 
Awarded by Mrs. Tuttle and Mrs. Petersen

Second Grade Leadership

First Grade WOW- Wildly Outstanding Wildcat
Awarded by Mrs. Tuttle and Mrs. Petersen

First Grade Leadership 

The Last Day of School: Fourth Grade Awards

 Check out our stellar fourth graders.... moving on to fifth grade! 

WOW- Wildly Outstanding Wildcat Fourth Grade Awarded by Mrs. Spencer

Academic Excellence


AR- Accelerated Reader Goal Earners 

The LAST day - Fifth Grade Awards

 These students are moving on up.... next year we will be looking to them to be great Wildcat Leaders! 

WOW - Wildly Outstanding Wildcat - 5th Grade
Awarded by Miss Michelle

Academic Excellence Fifth Grade

Leadership Awards

AR - Accelerated Reader Goal Earners

Fifth Grade Math Olympiad - District Wide Competition

The LAST day of School for these Wildcats! June 11, 2021

 Check out our End of the Year Awards for our Sixth Grade Students

Sixth Grade Awards with Mrs. Majors 

WOW- Wildly Outstanding Wildcat - 6th Grade

WOW - Wildly Outstanding Wildcat: Music Awarded by Mrs. Gordon

Academic Excellence for 2nd Semester


AR - Accelerated Reader Goal Earners

Sixth Grade Math Olympiad - District Wide Competition

Award Winning Track Stars - Our sixth grade girls who earned ribbons for
Clark Fork Jr. High Track Team

Presidential Award - Honors for Stellar Achievement from 4th, 5th and 6th grade

The last time flag detail for these Sixth Grade Students
They've set a great example for next year's detail.  

These are our Hope School Wildcats that started Kindergarten with Mrs. Shelton, progressed through the grades here at Hope School and ended their elementary career with Mrs. Majors.  

We spent seven years watching these kiddo learn and grow.  Now, they are teenagers and off to big and wonderful things!  Oh, the places they will go! 

We will miss you GREATLY!  

More from Cloudsledge.... Big Kids Field trip on Thursday, June 10th

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade Students out enjoying their field trip to Cloudsledge and all it has to offer! 

Another beautiful day on the Ledge!  

Yep, still smelling this tree - It's making me hungry! 

Fourth Grade showing off their Jogging Club BRIGHT Orange shirts! 

Wild Flowers blooming along the trail

Nothing like a good game of Duck, Duck Goose after lunch! 
Yes, these fifth graders know how to have a GOOD time.  

Lunch under the Willow Tree

Lunch Time.... so hungry they didn't even want to move to the grass area. 

6th graders eating lunch 

a few more 6th graders 

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade loves to smell the trees too! 

Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade 

Cloudsledge Field Trip 1st Grade with the Awesome 3rd Grade Leaders

 First and Third Graders traveled together on their Cloudsledge Field Tip.  

It was a great day for building memories! 

A hiking we will go! 

Watercolor Painting ~ 
Trees, Flowers the BEAUTIFUL view were all subjects our little artists! 

A lesson in circumference 

Smells like.... Butterscotch or Maple Syrup or Vanilla and Cinnamon.
When was the last time you smelled a Bull  Pine? 

Accelerated Reader 100 Point Drawing

  At the end of each school year we hold the 100 point AR (Accelerated Reader) Drawing.... Students who earn 100 points or more in AR are en...