Friday, June 15, 2018

Cloudsledge Field Trip - June 6, 2018

Grades 1st through 6th had a great day up at Cloudsledge for an Outdoor Education Field Trip.  All activities were planned and led by our 6th grade students.  It was so much fun. 

Friday, June 8, 2018


Clark Fork High School Grads visit Hope School to walk the hallway in their graduation gowns to show the elementary students that education is important and graduating is the next big goal.

Four students in the Class of 2018 attended Hope Elementary School from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade:  Wade Stevens, TJ Henderson, Levi Servis and Bryant Moore.   We are SUPER proud of all the grads but especially proud of these four students!!!  Wishing you all the best in your next adventure!

100 Point AR Winners

And the Winners ARE....

Each year students earn points reading books and taking comprehension tests on Accelerated Reader.   All 100 point earners have one chance at winning $100 bill and 5 chances at winning a $20.00 bill - a REAL dollar bill!  If a student earns 200 points then their name will be in the drawing twice and so on....   

All our students are reading winners but the cash winners are... 

$100.00 = Isaac Komanec
$20.00 = Ryan Matteson 
$20.00 = Sarah Bopp
$20.00 = Jamie Herrick - twice for a total of $40.00 
$20.00 = Jacob Fluckiger 

Congrats Readers!   

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Four Days of Summer Math Camp at Hope School

SAVE the Dates for Summer Learning!
July 23-27

Math Camp - #GeoSplash Summer Math Camp
Hands-On Math Fun
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July 23 to 26
From 9am to 11:30 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Sack lunch provided by LPOSD Nutrition Program
Transportation provided by LPOSD school bus to and from Clark Fork High School

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Splash into Summer Learning Packet 2018
July 27
From 2pm to 4pm on Friday, July 27, 2018
Ice Cream or Sherbet Floats, Water Activities on the Playground, Tie-Dye
Celebrate getting your Splash into Summer Learning Packet Half Way completed!

Sign up information will be sent home soon!
Looking forward to a fun-filled, keep your brain growing summer!
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Life Cycles...

First, Second and Third grade students studied Life Cycles for the past several weeks. 

First comes the egg in the incubator and then comes the baby cute!

They also studied the Life Cycle of the Butterfly... 
the eggs/larvae, the Caterpillar, the chrysalis (pupa), then the Butterfly... What a metamorphosis!! 

The butterflies also flew away on Friday!! 

Friday's Flying Things....

Flying Friday....A few 6th graders built catapults and sent a few things into the air...across the classroom! 

Fourth and Fifth Graders built rockets and launched them across the grass.   Look closely and you can see the rockets' crash sites on the lawn.   Can you see the excitement on their faces?  Vita's rocket flew the farthest and Jamie's rocket flew the highest.... more to come next week.  

Friday, April 20, 2018

Fantastic Friday at Hope School

Today was a fantastic day with many, many activities:

  • At little fun in the sun for grades K-3... planting flowers and veggies from seed and cleaning up the playground. 
  • Chess 
    • In the morning hours, K-3 learned how to play chess from a guest teacher.  
    • In the afternoon, 4-6 grade students were divided into two groups. 
      • Those who knew how to play already were guided through various strategies and moves.
      • Those who didn't already know how to play, learned. 
    • After instruction both groups engaged in playing chess.  
  • The day ended with 3rd Quarter Awards Assembly.  
    • Leadership awards were earned and presented 
    • 1st grader Harper earned her "dog house" for her puppy - she read 300 books! 
    • Math Olympiad 5th grade Team "2 Cool 2 B ^2" and 6th grade "The Mathletes" 

Cloudsledge Field Trip - June 6, 2018

Grades 1st through 6th had a great day up at Cloudsledge for an Outdoor Education Field Trip.  All activities were planned and led by our 6...